our piering system

the very best in engineered foundation repair

King Pier I

Ideal for one-story commercial buildings and large multi-story homes.

King Pier II

Perfect for most any home.


King Pier III

Ideal pier for those homes that have the backside is on a hill.

King Pier IV

Extra large pier for industrial &
multi-story buildings.
years of research & success

our patented engineered foundation repair system

You’ve discovered that you are facing some foundation issues with your home or commercial building. You’ve done your research on the web, visited multiple foundation repair websites in your area, asked your friends and now its time to select your foundation repair contractor. But still…you want to be sure you are choosing the RIGHT foundation repair contractor before you spend your hard-earned money. Our patented piering system has proven its value time and time again.  In fact, we are so committed to its excellence and lifetime ability to keep homes and buildings stable at the footing level, we’re sharing our design so that you can make an informed decision that you can trust. We understand – REALLY! To learn more and see more in-depth information, visit our sister company, King Piers LLC!